Violet Horned photo
Violet Horned

Violet Horned appeared on the territory of our country in the eighteenth century. It is surprising that its popularity only grew and now it occupies the first places in the list of the most famous ornamental plants. Nowadays, plant breeders are actively cultivating this herbaceous plant in their living quarters on the windowsills. Violet Horned - description and characteristics This herb is considered a plant growing [...]

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Violet Yesenia photo
Violet Yesenia

Violet Yesenia: description of the variety and characteristics Violet Yesenia: photo of the variety Violet Yesenia is characterized by purple double flowers bordered along the edges of white-greenish thinnest ruffles. This is a distinctive feature of this variety, a highlight. The rosette is standard up to 40 cm, it is formed even, the leaves are not elongated, which is why the plant looks neat and well-groomed. The color of flowers can be from dark blue to almost white with a purple tint, [...]

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Violet Diamond Tiffany photo
Violet Diamond Tiffany

This representative of herbaceous crops - the violet Diamond Tiffany announced its existence in 2006. Time goes by, and the plant is still cultivated in apartments on the windowsills, it, in turn, brings joy to flower growers. Herbaceous does not ask for special agrotechnical procedures, therefore experts advise people who have no experience in floriculture to start with this herbaceous [...]

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Yew photo

According to various sources, the genus of such evergreen conifers as yew has from 9 to 12 species. Among them you can find both mighty trees with trunks up to 4 meters in diameter, and shrubs with a height of just over a meter. These plants are distinguished by their longevity and in nature under natural conditions one can find individual specimens, of which there are about two thousand [...]

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Rust on a pear photo
Rust on the pear

Rust on a pear is one of the most common foliar diseases; unfortunately, all fruit-bearing trees are damaged. Rust of pear leaves Rust on a pear: a photo of the disease The negative consequences of rust are quite serious, for example, the disease can pass from one type of fruit bearing to another. The formation of a disease such as rust on a pear is easy enough to recognize. Needed at the right time [...]

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Pruning pears photo
Pruning pears in autumn

Exclusively due to pruning, it turns out to find the right balance of trace elements and nutrients that go to the growth and development of the herbaceous plant, as well as to the fruiting process. In this article, we will consider pruning a pear for people who have no experience in gardening, and also we will analyze at what time it is necessary to perform this procedure. Pear pruning - what time [...]

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Pear New photo
Pear New

Pear Novelty is considered a summer variety, it was developed for both warm and cold regions. N. Tikhonov and A. Tolmacheva are the creators of this variety. Pear Novelty: variety description and characteristics Pear variety Novelty is considered a semi-dwarf tree, as it reaches low heights. The crown is formed by an interesting shape, reminiscent of a pyramid with a sharp end. Bark color and [...]

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Pear Melitopol juicy photo
Melitopol juicy pear

Melitopol juicy pear belongs to the early summer variety, which was bred in Ukraine. Many scientists worked on the creation of the variety, who were later awarded certificates for creating a new variety: P. Kulikov, N.I. Maksimov. Melitopol juicy is perfect for growing in Russia. Pear Melitopol juicy: description of the variety and characteristics The pear variety Melitopol juicy has an interesting tree shape, which [...]

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